Fabulous Old Folk Art Large Jumping Jack Circus Clown

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This cheerful fellow immediately made me happy when I spotted him, and who doesn't need more of that? I've seen a fair number of these old handmade "jumping jack" figures), but none as large as this one, whose hand-painted face and colorful outfit (and spiky hands with painted nails!) I just love. His nose (actually two noses; he's double sided) is made of a separate piece of wood, attached with three old nails in a row, and while his strings are long gone, his arms and legs still move freely (and his arms will stay in place fully raised, with his hands around his face.) I've got him on the make-do stand I found him on--an iron post with a wooden base--but he is easily removed to be hung on the wall. (I'm also happy to paint the base black--or another color for that matter!--should one so desire.) Early 20th century I believe.

20 inches tall x 8" wide x 1" deep (24" tall x 9 3/8" wide when mounted on stand). Great patina--scuffs, stains, and wear, all to the good I think, but very little paint loss and still reads very bright and crisp. There is a bit of wood loss on one side of one black shoe.