Fabulous Old Carved and Hinged Painted Crocodile Head, with Teeth!

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I've had one other carved and hinged folk art crocodile head along the lines of this one, with jaws opening to reveal carved teeth inside its red painted mouth. That one was part of a very old Punch and Judy puppet set; whether that's the case with this one, found in Pennsylvania, I'm not sure. Whatever the case,  quite a fabulous thing I think, expressively painted, and a lot of fun. I might 10 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 2 (3 3/8" tall with jaws open). There is a nail hole in the wood at the neck end via which it would be mounted to the wall--where one might use it as a sort of door knocker / visitor greeter! 

10 1/4" l x 2" x 2"; 3 3/8" with mouth fully open! Very good condition, 2nd quarter 20th c. I would guess.