Gorgeous, Much Loved Primitive Stool in Old Blue Paint

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Perhaps my favorite stool I've ever had--and I've had quite a lot of old stools--and pretty much pure sculpture to me. Photos don't quite capture the beauty of the old blue paint on this, which makes me think of star studded lapis skies in old frescoes and retablo--and which, to my sensibilities, is a perfect match for the fat nails and primitive construction of the stool. One side leans some but it remains a sturdy thing--maybe not to stand upon with all one's weight but fine should one have some milking to do (!) and just right as a pedestal, with level, pretty much flat top surface. Wonderful.

9 3/4” w x 9 1/4” t x 7 5/8” w and in good, beautifully aged and worn condition, stable and clean and dry and not shedding any paint.