Fabulous Interlocking 18 Drawer Mid Century Industrial Cabinet, Presumed Dorman

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Just looking at this makes me want to become the kind of person who has all my nails and screws (and tubes of super glue), etc. sorted into individual drawers (which is far from the current case!) But it's so fabulous looking I might rather not relegate it to the basement! Everything about it except for the red paint makes me believe it is a Dorman Products Hardware storage cabinet from the 1950s or so, the examples of which I've seen were orange, used in hardware stores, and printed with details about various sized screws, etc.  The underside of the drawers on this one are indeed orange, so it seems possible the red paint came a later, but it's a perfect coat, I see no orange underneath it, the interior of the drawers are completely red, and the red sure seems to me as if it has always been there. 

The drawers interlock and with a little effort could be reconfigured (I have moved around the top tier drawers to try it, but have not taken apart the whole thing, and can't guarantee that every drawer will disassemble easily). There were probably once at least as few more drawers to make a complete grid. There is one sticky drawer but the rest slide open easily. Some rust and aging for sure but overall good condition and definitely with many good years of use left in it. 

As configured: 14 4/8" w x 9 3/4" t x 5" d. Each drawer measures 3" w x 5" d x 2 1/4" t. Total weight is between 8 and 9 lbs.

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