Fabulous Homemade Wooden Four Birds Knock Down Target

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I love the person who invested such loving care in making this shooting target, and then fired their BB gun all over it (and surely took many additional shots that missed entirely)! It's constructed just like old cast iron carnival targets, with hinges on the backside of each sweetly cutout bird (three facing one direction, the fourth going its own way) allowing them to fall back--but made of soft wood, pine I believe, which makes it quite clear why these were constructed of metal! Everything about this makes me happy, including the scale of the birds, and the fact that that they look more like hens sitting on their nests than ducks that might fly away.

14 7/8" l x 5" t x 2 3/4" d. Aside from the bb dings all over, it's in very good shape with a little age to it but not a lot.