Fabulous Hand-formed Green Glazed Ceramic Face Bowl with Ear Handles

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Oh, how I love this bowl! That face! Those ears! I don't know much of anything about it, but have a notion that it may have been made by Cynthia Nuwmark Prelack, the Boston-based artist and gallerist at whose estate sale I purchased it. It seems to me to show the influence of South American figurative pottery (Shipibo pottery comes to mind), in which I know from her collection and library she had a great interest, and Southern face jugs as well; regardless, I think it's just a terrific piece that makes me happy every time I look at it. I think I'd use it as a serving bowl; how fun to make margaritas and put this filled with homemade guacamole on the table! 

The walls of this bowl are thick, and it is heavy! There is one fine hairline crack that extends from the edge of the bottom up the side (see photos) and a bit of crazing, but the bowl is in overall good condition, with no chips, and structurally very sound. It measures 10" across (with ears), 7 3/4" across in the other direction, and 3 3/8" tall.