Iridescent Gold Coil Built Pottery Vase with Many Faces

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Sometimes I fall in love with things immediately, and other times it takes me a little while to realize their greatness, which is the case with this funny coil formed, iridescent gold painted pottery vase initialed DS and dated 2007, which I found in Maine this week. What I realized through the process of photographing it is how much it seems to reference folk art traditions, from memory jars to face jugs to seashell encrusted creations, making its crafty over-the -topness feel quite nodding and knowing, and its golden finish just right for an homage. Perhaps a post-modern gesture, but feels very sincere in its joyfulness, and I really love it.

9" t x apprx 5" in diameter; 1 5/8" across at lip and in excellent condition.