Fabulous c. 1930s Large Wind Up Mechanical Tin Toy Drummer, Still Drumming!

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I fell in love with this guy, with wonderfully faded/alligatored surface, just standing still--but was then completely delighted to find that his wind-up still winds, and sets him drumming! And not just a steady one-two beat either, but a syncopated and unpredictable one! That beat slows pretty quickly, and the motor makes a little noise too, but I like a hard try-er most of all! Video clip gives a sense, but the sound of those mallets hitting is his tin drum is better in person! Made by Wolverine of Pittsburgh, PA (there is a much faded label on his back), c. 1930s.

14" tall x 4 3/8" wide at base x 6 1/2" deep at base. Fabulous surface, and still works, as described above and in video clip. I can't guarantee he'll keep drumming forever, but he's working consistently now!