Fabulous Antique Odd Fellows Scepter

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My photos don;'t do it justice and one really needs to hold it to get the full effect, but to my mind, this highly dramatic turned and painted (white, gold, and dark royal red) wooden scepter would make the perfect gift—a super fun, singular thing that certainly no one really needs, but who doesn’t really want a scepter to carry around???? I might gift it to my favorite king- or queen-like character, with the caveat that it be handed around to others on their birthdays to temporarily wield. 

Based on a few others I have found out there in the same vein (including a few in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum) I believe 1850-1900 fraternal, and I think Odd Fellows, specifically.

21 1/2" long x 3 3/4" widest diameter. Very good condition, with paint loss and scuffs here and there; structurally sturdy and sound and ready to use!