Fabulous 1950s Folk Art Woven Paper Over Wood Rattlesnake on Cardboard

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A note on the back of this wonderful snake tells us that it was made in spring or early summer 1957 at a YMCA in Washington DC as the bottom of a pipe rack--which definitely makes me wish I could see the whole pipe rack, and also makes me think the classes at that particular YMCA must have been pretty amazing. It appears that the snake was carved of wood then very painstaking decorated with layers of brown and black cut paper, laid down layer by layer, to form the scales, with black paper covering the head and four carved rattles at the tail. It was then mounted to a double layered cardboard backing. Now, on a flat surface, it can be balanced to stand on end as shown in first photo, or laid flat, or a hook could easily be added to the back of the cardboard to hang slithering across the wall. Wonderfully graphic, wonderfully resourceful, tramp art-y in feeling, and I've never see another like it. 

8 7/8" l x 1 1/8" x 7/8" and in very good condition. No losses, not delicate, nice patina.