Teuila 1923 Fortune Telling Cards, Complete Deck of 45 with Instructions

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I've had a couple decks of these in the shop, and will continue to grab them when I find them as I think they're are really fabulous. There are reproduction decks of these out there but these are the originals, fairly rare, produced by The US Playing Card Co, Cincinnati in 1923. The deck features 45 cards with wonderful graphics, 6 of them representing people (dark man, fair woman, etc.) and the rest symbolizing all manner of attributes and occurrences, from pride, to malice, to wealth, opportunity, disappointment, danger, excitement, etc. The original instruction booklet, included, details the meaning of each card as well as how to read them in combination (the meeting of card 11 and card 26 equals triumph, for example!) While I've never really learned to read tarot cards, these feel not too difficult to master and great fun to spread out on the table, and I think one would certainly be the star of any party with this deck in hand!

This deck is in excellent condition, with backs featuring a young Hawaiian woman with cards spread out in front of her and a lei around her neck. (The deck's creator, Isobel Field, was an artist and writer who lived for a time in Hawaii.) The first and last page of the 15 page booklet shows have come apart from the booklet but all pages are present and whole. These come in their original green cardboard sleeve, also in good shape. Cards measure 2 1/4" x 3 1/2".