Fabulous 1920s Hustler Toy Co. Rowers in Skull Wooden Push Toy

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Such a great one, and a pretty rare one too, produced by the Hustler Toy Co. of Sterling Illinois in 1925. It never had a string to pull it by; rather, if you give it a push not will roll along with the rowers moving forward and backward as it does. I just love those sky blue painted tin arms, which move in sync, and if there were ever a toy to embody the spirit of teamwork, this is surely it! Great old white paint on the boat, red painted wooden wheels, and much wear to the wooden figures, with just traces of their old aces remaining. With great graphic appeal, really a wonderful one for the shelf (including to remind oneself to be a good collaborator!) when not pushing it around.

13 3/4" l x 3" w x 3 1/2" t and in solid structural condition. The rowers do still move forward and backward when pushed but might once have had a greater and more fluid range of movement than they do now.