Fabulous 1905 Signed Hanging Match Holder with Striking Paper

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Yum. Gorgeous old white painted surface on this wonderful hanging match holder, with "Matches" subtly carved into the surface of the match pocket, and a piece of black striking paper still in the frame (which has a slit at top should one want to remove it and replace it with something else.) l especially love the hatch-carved detail of the frame, and the two arches at top, suggesting a heart. And then on the back, the initials of its maker, LLS, 6-19-05, followed by a long text in pencil which seems to provide a humor-filled set instructions of for how to use it--a bit difficult to read but fun that it is there and with a little work I think much of it could be deciphered.

12" t x 6 1/8" w x 3 1/2" and in excellent antique condition, super solid and sturdy and with a truly gorgeous patina. There is a nail hole at center top for hanging.