F. Barber 19th Century British Pencil Drawing "Deer in the Underbrush"

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How I love this deer, casting one eye at us while the other is already on the other side of this broken fence, with the rest of his body soon to follow. Is it us that he is escaping, or another creature following close on his heels, about to enter the picture frame? From the charm of that fence, to the thick growth around it, to those antlers just clearing the opening--I find this drawing really wonderful, and one I think I would never tire of looking at, especially because of the way the viewer is implicated.   

On lightweight cardstock and initialed FB very subtly at the lower right of the drawing, standing for F. Barber.  This piece came from the estate of Dover, England artist William Burgess (1805–1861)-- a painter and drawing master, who specialized in local subjects. 7 1/16" wide x 5" tall. Very good overall antique condition, with some smudging/discoloration to the paper, mostly around the edges, and light foxing here and there--none of which I think much detracts; it shows very nicely.