Burmese Yun-De Lacquer Box with 10 Plates

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I’ve become hugely enamored of vintage Burmese lacquer boxes, just amazed by the fineness of their incised decoration, which I have learned is called “yun-de.” This renowned Burmese lacquer-ware is made from a mixture of the juice of the Thitsi tree and ash, which is applied on the surface of a woven bamboo or wood object, forming a hard, glossy surface that turns black on exposure to air. Once dry, fine decoration is hand engraved on the surface, then filled with colored lacquer, one color at a time.

I can’t imagine how many hours this fantastic box and ten plates might have taken to create (I believe c.1940s or so), but surely appreciate the effort! And the extraordinary skill, patience and dexterity involved. I would be reluctant to actually use these as plates, but think they would be spectacular as chargers for a special dinner, or definitely hung on the wall. Each one is unique and they stack snugly inside their fantastically detailed box— depicting a woman in a dazzling interior, surrounded by young attendants.

The box and plates are in near perfect condition. The box measures 10" in diameter (the plates measure just shy of that) and 2.25" tall.