Extensive Set of Marvelous Handmade Rabbit Paper Dolls with Many Many Outfits!

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So much fun to find these, which I was sold on as soon as I saw a few of the bunnies, but then to my delight there were more and more and more, including way more clothes than a bunny could ever wear!  Scroll through photos to get a complete sense, all pictured included. I love that there are bunnies of a variety of shapes and sizes, female and male too, and clearly the child who made these was fashion obsessed, making a wide range of dresses and skirts and cloaks and more--with a "for sale" sign in the mix that makes me think perhaps imagining a bunny dress shop where they would all be on display. One could create an arrangement of these and frame them up, though I must say there's a lot of joy in playing with them!

Tallest rabbit about 4 1/2" t. Smallest 2 1/8" t. Envelop with handwriting measures 4 7/8" x 3 3/16".  All in very good condition. Early 20th c. I would guess.