Exceptionally Lovely Antique Carved Bluebird with Tin Wings

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This bird gets me on every level, and just look at that view of it from the underside, looking rather like a slug with wings! I purchased it from the same dealer as the toy gun I just listed, and have a bit of a feeling that the two were made by the same person, including for the fact that the blue paint looks like it could be the same. Here it appears the blue was painted over an earlier coat of red, I would guess one quickly on the top of the other, with the surface created to my eye complete perfection. The cut tin wings make me think a bit of ice fishing decoy, too, making it feel as if this bird might have been be hung by the wire loop on its back to attract other bluebirds? Really a special one, and quite an old one too.

5 7/8" l x 5" w x 2" t and in very good condition, very sound and sturdy and stable, and  just beautifully aged.