Exquisite Hand Embroidered Hand Bag, Silver and Gold Metallic Thread on Velvet

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Not exactly my usual thing (and my handbag of choice is a New Yorker tote) but the embroidery on this handbag is so fine and so beautiful I completely fell in love with it (and really feel like someone should carry it to a Met gala!) In trying to research and place it, I realized that what the metallic embroidery in gold and silver reminds me most of is a 19th c. French or Italian reliquary I recently had incorporating very elaborate metallic thread work. I might guess the embroidered textile here--which is a soft peach-light brown velvet--is well older than the handbag itself (I'd think perhaps 18th-19th c on the textile and early 20th on the bag) but whatever the case it was very well honored, with a peach satin lining and lovely hardware, including brass frame and chain, and silver clasp with blue stones. In very good condition with no loss to the embroidery that I can see and truly a fine piece of work. 

7 3/4" w x 6 1/2" t not including clasp and chain. Very good condition.