Exquisite 19th C. Inlaid Bone and Marquetry Fox and Geese Game Board

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This beautiful thing! I've found not other version of it out there anywhere, and so am not entirely sure if it was in fact distributed by McLaughlin Brothers, who produced the instructions (dated 1878) found inside the box, or whether its one time owner paired the instructions with the board. The board itself is wood inlaid with bone and intricate porcelain (I believe) marquetry, which I believe would be referred to as Sadeli. (A technique believed to have originated n Persia/Iran.) I find the combination of colors and patterns completely gorgeous and would be content just to set it somewhere or hang it on the wall to look at. But here, too, is a set of turned bone pegs (not enough to fill all of the holes on the board, but more pegs like this, to make it a complete set, should not be too hard to find) and what I believe is its original wooden box. Plus the instruction booklet, which provides rules for playing Go Bang, Tivoli, Solitaire, Seige, and Fox and Geese, in a manner that "leaves no points uncovered." Rare, exquisitely crafted and very lovely, standing on three turned bone feet.

Box measures 8 7/8" x 8 3/4" x 2 3/4". Board is 7 5/8" d and stands 1 1/16" on its feet. Some losses around the perimeter as documented, overall good condition and stable.