Surreal Tempera or Gouache on Paper Painting with Two Figures

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I haven't been able to figure out the artist behind this painting, which is signed with what appears to be AAConglo on the shoulder of the larger figure (possible AA are the initials of the artist and Conglo is the title of the painting, but I'm not sure.) In any case, I really love it, perhaps most of all this orange figure in the foreground--apparently being spewed into existence by the larger!--and also these great aqua X's across the unpainted chest of the latter. It certainly feels rather mythological, and pretty surreal, and possess a boldness and confidence that make me think it was done by quite an accomplished artist. And I can't stop looking at it! 

Of substantial scale at 17 3/4" w × 24ʺ t; once framed, it could definitely anchor a room. I believe it was done in tempera, but possibly gouache. Very good condition.