Exceptional Earlyish 19th Century Trigonometry Notebook with Watercolor Illustrations

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I've bought and sold a good handful of 19th century maths and penmanship notebooks now, and this I think is the most beautiful of the former that I've had in my possession, incorporating wonderful little ink and watercolor drawings of houses and rivers and lighthouses into diagrams applying plane trigonometry. The notebook appears to be partial, with a few pages at the end (or beginning) facing in the opposite direction, but what is here is for the most part in very good shape, and still bound, though I might personally be inclined to carefully cut out a few choice pages to frame. I can find no name or date on it, but was informed by the seller in is American, and based on others I have had would think first half of the 19th century.  

12 5/8" x 8 7/16". 22 pages total, filled front and back. Photos show most of pages with watercolor illustrations and a few without, of which there are a good number more. Overall very good condition, with ink dark and clear, and paper not brittle. There are a couple of pages at one end that show a little more wear and staining, but most pages are quite clean, with very minor tearing. The folio with the diagram that features the blue head in profile is loose from the others.