Exceptional Condition, Super Graphic Amish Stump Work Oversize Pin Cushion

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So graphic and modern feeling (it’s almost got an Op Art feeling to me) and very beautifully crafted too—I really love this thing, which is in near perfect condition, and big enough to be treated as a small throw pillow, though I am pretty certain it was made to be a pin cushion and is quite tightly stuffed (not pillowy soft). This particular style of raised wool embroidery is typically referred to as stumpwork, a term dating to 1890 (though there is a much longer history of related raised embroidery) and is most often associated with Pennsylvania Amish. In any event, what a great play of pattern and texture and techniques. Backed with rose colored cloth with a satin like finish. 

7 7/8” square and in terrific antique condition, early 20th c. I believe. Heavy for its size. One seam shows hand-stitching in white thread, perhaps with some reinforcement; the stitching on the other seams is concealed.