Fabulous Vintage Fake Cake

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It had never occurred to me to search for fake baked goods, but since finding this cake I'm rather inclined to start hunting for them, visualizing a whole collection arranged across a few shelves, sort of midway between Wayne Thibaud and Claes Oldenberg! I believe these in general, and I assume this one specifically, were made to actually display in bakery windows, and I would assume custom made to match an actual offering, though I am not entirely sure. The center on the top of this one, looking convincingly like one big strawberry floating in a pool of sticky strawberry syrup, gives it a sort of grotesque sweetness that I think makes it pretty much perfect!

4 3/4" in diameter; 4 4/8" tall and in very good vintage condition; feels substantial and with a nice weight to it. I'm not entirely what sure this was made of, but the exterior is hard and the base is wood.