Excellent Old Handmade Marbles Solitaire Board with Clay Marbles

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This is beautifully designed and very nicely crafted old handmade solitaire game board--engaging to play, and a perfect way to display these gorgeous old clay marbles, which it comes with! The board is designed with recesses in the four corners for storing marbles once jumped--and the slide top cover glides over it to close tightly for storing them all safely inside when putting away or taking on the go. Really smart! The board is made of oak and I believe dates to the 1920s.

To play, set up marbles with only the middle hole empty. The objective is to remove every marble except one by jumping over orthogonally (not diagonally) from one adjacent point to the vacant adjacent point on the other side, with the final marble ending up in the centre hole. Once this has been mastered, one could also aim for winding up with particular patterns of marbles at the end!

7 3/4" square x 1 5/8" tall and in excellent condition, as are the old clay marbles!