Robyn "the Beaver" Beverland, Even Cats Go To Heaven, 1997, Acrylic on Wood Panel

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There was no way I could resist this fabulous heaven-bound winged cat--by self-taught artist Robyn "the Beaver" Beverland (American, 1957-1998) from Oldsmar, Florida--with its fantastic face and what looks like Mars amid the stars overhead! There is a fair amount out there about Beverland, who signed and dated this in 1997, including numerous examples of pieces sold--enough for me know to know that this stands as a really wonderful (and highly collectible) example of his work.

From what I've learned, Beverland has a rare disease called Wolfrand Syndrome, which left him blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other. Also suffering from diabetes and cerebral palsy, he lived next door to his parents, who helped to care for him, with art and the Bible providing his other primary sources of sustenance. Painting mostly with house paint on plywood or cardboard, his subjects included animals, angels, (or both at once as with this angel cat!), Adam and Eve, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam. 

12" x 11 3/4", acrylic on wood panel. Very good condition, with nails on the sides near the top strung with wire. Really hard not to feel a little happier with this hanging nearby.