Emma Merkesell’s Large Hand Appliquéd Tulips Linen Quilt Square, Signed, 19th c.

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I find this an exceptionally beautiful thing, wonderfully bold and at the same time every bit as tender and expressive as the 19th c school girl drawings I love so much. Sewn onto the linen at lower left is a piece of ruled paper signed by an Emma Merkesell; I have done some searching and the only Merkesell I have found is an Emily Merkesell of  

Cass; County, Iowa, who married in 1877-- it seems possible to me that that Emily could be our Emma, though I don't know for sure. In any event, I would guess this likely dates to the 1860s or 70s, and every year (and every stain) has I think just made it better. I am not certain if made as a appliqué sampler or as an actual quilt square; if the latter, it is quite a large one, red and green linen on cream.

Sold in the simple wooden frame I found it in, which is in pretty good shape, with one chip to the glass at very lower left corner, barely visible. Frame: 17 1/8” w x 17 1/4” t. Sight: 15 3/4 square. Stains to the cream linen as visible, overall good condition and better in person. Wired on the back for hanging.