Emma Dilmore's Late 19th C. Double Sided Card with Excellent Figures, House, Writing

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Pure joy. I am forever looking for antique children's drawings like this, but finding them rarer and rarer to come by--and to my eye the handwritten lettering on this one--and the content of it, too!-- is just about as good as it gets.  Pretty fantastic alphabet following Emma's name (I believe with an upside down M) on one side--with woman and chicken and house with especially excellent array of widow treatments; and then on the other, another excellent bird, and, in that amazing lettering, an update to "Nane" on all things notable:   "I have a transparent slate - I can draw some pictures on it. I have a little calf - we call it Daisy. We have two little lambs. Goodby from Emma D."  Hard to beat!

7 1/2 x 4 5/8 and in very good condition. Graphite on natural colored paper, with untrimmed top edge. One small clean tear just above the chicken's head on house side.