Emma Ackerley 1870 Loose Sketchbook Pages + Cover

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Emily Ackerley's 1870 sketchbook has seen better days--what remains is the cover and 11 pages of drawings, filled on both front and back--but I think some of these are pretty great (and she definitely thought so too, signing most every one, often a few times on a page.)  I know from a couple of additional drawings I pulled from this is that Ackerley lived in Sing Sing, New York, the village on the Hudson which changed its name to Ossining in 1901 to separate itself from the notorious prison! And there is a note on one page here that she was 13 years old when she did these.

Drawings measure 9 3/4" x 7 7/16". Plenty of toning/foxing as pictures, slightly torn or folded edges on a few, and paper is fairly brittle. 11 pages total plus cover, with all pages featuring drawings on both front and back.