Emile Bluteau Canadian Folk Art Wedding Couple

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I've had a few pieces by Canadian folk artist Emile Bluteau (of Eastern Townships, Quebec) over the years, and find a great deal of humanity and charm in his work. Bluteau, also a collector, began carving and making assemblages from scavenged and salvaged materials in the late 70s, first portraying birds and then "the human condition in all its moods and shapes" as described by Lyle Elder, a documenter of Canadian folk and outsider art. More about Bluteau and additional images of his work here. This sculpture of a couple of their wedding day is emblematic of his work, with these two looking a wonderful combination of awkward and anxious--him perhaps a bit more eager and her perhaps a bit less than thrilled! 

10" t x 5 1/8" w x 2 1/16" d. Good vintage condition, sturdy and sound. Signed on the underside of the base. Undated but c. 1970s-80s or so, I believe.