Eleven Good Box Traps - Original c. 1920s Wee-Sho-U Co. Detroit Blueprint

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Before there were You Tube tutorials, there were little companies like Wee-Sho-U in Detroit selling this "Eleven Good Box Traps" blueprint (for 30 cents) in the classifieds of "Fur News," "Outside World," "Hunter Trader Trapper" and the like. The eleven different traps pictured are geared toward catching mice, rats, other smallish creatures, detailed in notes alongside each rendering, along with notes as to choice vegetables to use for bait.  Each is titled, from "No. 1 Old Favorite- A Good All Around Trap" to "No 7 - Floating Trap, For Muskrats", to "No 10-The Easy Trip." And then the practical note at the end: "No dimensions are given as it will be more convenient for you to use any boxes you have on hand.  Just be sure that your traps are long enough for the animal to be inside when the door falls."

I know from finding a few of the Wee-Sho-U classified listings that this original blueprint dates to the early 1920s. Perhaps especially good now for hanging in the office as ongoing reminder that there are many possible ways to trap a mouse, i.e. solve a problem! 

24 7/8" l x 11 3/8". Very good overall condition, with old fold lines that are flattening out nicely. No notable tears, stains or other issues that I can see.