Elegant Tall White Architectural Vase with Tiny Gray Flowers

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Just a beauty of a vase, I'd fill this one with a flowering branch or two and it would make the room. Unsigned/unmarked, it appears to have been thrown, then trimmed, so that the form is angular and the surfaces smooth. The lines running vertically articulate the vase's structure but are wonderfully irregular, and the tiny flowers here and there are just the perfect punctuation. I can't imagine this piece isn't Japanese, but I am not 100% certain. Really a beautiful piece as well as a very usable one; just lovely.

11" tall. 3 7/8" across at lip; 3 3/4" across at base. Excellent condition; there is a bit of irregularity to the white glaze--perhaps a tiny bit of darkening in a couple of spots but it might be original to the piece and does not detract.