Elegant Large Signed Ball in Cage Whimsy, 1975

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If I were to imagine the perfect single ball in cage whimsy, this would pretty much be it!  Very skillfully carved, with super elegant lines--I really love how the round of the ball is echoed perfectly by the curved walls of the cage at top and bottom, and held in by the very thinnest of walls; just lovely. And it really feels quite luxurious at about 7 3/4 inches tall--as much as a small modernist sculpture as a folk carving!

Happily it is signed and dated (very specifically!) on the bottom: Sunday, May 11, 1975, John E. Coppess, Sunfield, Mich 48890. I looked John up and learned that he was a farmer, who lived in Sunfield almost his entire life, from 1909-1999. 

Very good condition, and with a nice weight; feels great in the hand. 7 3/4 x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".