Richly Patinated c. 1960s Inuit Stone Seal Sculpture Signed Devie

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Signed "Devie," I believe this may be an early piece by Davie Atchealak (1947-2006) Iqaluit (Nunavut), also known as Devie. With quite a rich patina, I am quite certain it is an older piece, 1960s is my gut, and quite a beautiful one I think, with a light colored vein in the black stone creating a perfect ring around the neck of this graceful seal, stretched out on slab of stone, seemingly forever on the verge of slipping out to sea. Lovely all the way around, and I especially love the push-pull between neck stretched in one direction and front paw extended in the other. 

7 3/4" x 4 11/16" x 2" t. Signed Devie, CSP POV Q 212386 on the underside. One repair to the edge of the flat base, as documented. Well done, more evident in photos than in person.