Very Handsome Antique Cigar Box Wood Chest with Alligatoring

Regular price $150.00

A beauty of an old tabletop chest, fashioned of cigar box wood but clearly with aspirations of being perceived as quite stately. With all original porcelain pulls, which were carefully secured with facing bits of wood on the inside of the drawers, and cigar box labels "Sea Spray" and"Country Cousin" visible on the drawer interiors, as if auto-biographical messages sent across time. Nice alligatoring to the finish, too. Really made with a lot of care and pride; a handsome, well crafted piece.

9” t x 9 1/4 w x 5 1/4 d and in very good, sturdy and sound condition. A little spotting to the top of the chest; I have not touched the wood, and one top drawer missing its back interior edge.