Elaborately Beaded Miti Bharat Shrifal (Coconut), Gujarat India

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This one I had to use a google image search to identify, as I really could not place it; I purchased it for the beauty of the beadwork, reminding me somewhat of late 19th century Native American beaded birds and the like. I've learned that it is, I believe, from Gujarat, on the Western Coast of  India, where beadwork is called moti bharat, and I think an example of "Shrifal"--beading covering a coconut (Indeed, the interior is hard and has the weight and feel of a drained coconut.) I have found a few other examples with similar patterning and fineness of the beading and beads themselves, making me believe it dates to the late 19th/early 20th century--and indeed the ribbon found tied around the top of it is an old one. From what I understand these were often part of a wedding dowry, and carried by women during auspicious occasions. This manner of beading was introduced to Gujarat in the 19th century by merchants, who imported venetian glass beads. There is a linen of what appears to be natural colored linen underneath the beadwork but to which the beading is not sewn onto. 

5 7/8" t x 3 5/8" d and in very good condition, with no losses at all that I can see, just a few thread ends showing at the tip, not unraveling. Found with what is clearly an old ribbon tied around the top, which slides off easily.