Eight Carved Whimsy Chains Plus Ball in Cage

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I thought about listing these carved chains individually, but as I started photographing them it becomes clear that they are really best all as a group, feeling quite luxurious piled up together, kind of like the feeling I get seeing giant vats of richly colored spices, which you just want to run your fingers through!  Pretty clearly carved by the same person, I suppose it is possible that these were all part of one continuous chain which at some point broke into parts, but I prefer to think they were done individually, perhaps sequentially, as the carver's abilities--and endurance-increased! These came from a collection in Missouri, purchased at a flea market long ago by the parents of the woman I bought them from, who shared that two generations of children in the family had played with them as children.

These would be great just thrown in a big bowl, but also hung on the wall, maybe from a wire or dowel, or maybe in front of a window, where they could knock against one another like a wind chime! The set includes 8 chains and one single ball in cage. The longest chain measures 26" long. Links are 2 1/8" long x 1 1/16" each. The ball in cage measures 3 1/8" t x 7/8" w x 3/4" d. All in great shape with a nice patina. Carved lock in last two photos (and green bowl) sold separately.