Edwin Kosarek 1950 Blue Ink on Brown Paper Drawing "Erongaricuaro" #2

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One of two more drawings by Edwin Kosarek today, of which I've had a good handful, and just went back to my source and grabbed these last ones. What I know is that he was from New Jersey (b. 1929) but spent a good part of the 1950s in Mexico, after which he briefly attended Cooper Union. He was gay, and estranged from his family, and, it seems increasingly mentally ill, with not much record of him after the 1950s. 

I think his drawings are wonderful, wide ranging but consistently strong, and interesting, and even the most casual of them feeling very resolved. I know he made a number of drawings in which line drawn figures also stood as maps of sorts, representing geographies or topographies or roads connecting one city or town to another, and this feels like one of those. Plus what a wonderfully determined looking young woman, who reminds me of a Sphynx, as if guarding the gates to Erongaicuaro,  a town in the Mexican state of Michoacán, whose name means  "Place of waiting" in the Purepecha language.

6 3/4 x 9 7/8”, blue ink on brown paper; mounted to white paper with three punch holes along the left edge, 10 3/9” x 7 15/16”. Good condition, with an uneven bottom edge to the brown paper and a few stains at the left bottom of the drawing. Signed, titled and dated on the backing paper.