Edwin Kosarek Colored Pencil Architectural Drawing

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I purchased this and a few other drawings by Edwin Kosarek from a dealer who had purchased a good number of them, and just went back to get a few more. What I know is that he was from New Jersey (b. 1929) but spent a good part of the 1950s in Mexico, after which he briefly attended Cooper Union. He was gay, and estranged from his family, and, it seems increasingly mentally ill, with not much record of him after the 1950s.

I think his drawings are wonderful. This one is unsigned, and the only I've seen done in colored pencil. The color lends a whimsical sort of feeling to it, and yet Kosarek often portrayed architecture as a protagonist of sorts. This sweeping castle-like house on hill might be perceived as having a bit of an impenetrable (or inescapable) fortress like aspect to it, while also feeling rather Oz like!  Whatever the case, it feels to me like a place and a mood and a story.

8" x 5", color pencil on thin paper, very good condition. Unsigned; dated 1961.