Early Zanesville Matte Blue Glazed Yellow Clay Low Bowl / Bulb Planter

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This bowl combines one of my very favorite shapes and a the best matte, slightly mottled cornflower blue glaze, adding up to a pretty perfect thing. The yellow clay bottom points to it being from Ohio, and with a little research I confirmed it is early Zanesville, c. 1910s, and a pretty rare one. Great for filling with favorite rocks, or planting with a few narcissus bulbs for the holidays. So pretty. 

6 5/8" in diameter and 2 1/2" tall. There in one small rough spot on the exterior, original to the piece, minor and not detracting but rather, along a bit of pooling of the glaze near the bottom, are part of what make Arts and Crafts pottery pieces like this great. Otherwise, a few scuff marks here on the exterior, and light crazing and little dark staining on the interior.