SOLD Early Victorian Hair Wreath Album (9 Wreaths + Punch Paper Embroidery)

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Just a few pages used in this c. mid 19th century hair wreath album, but how lovely they are, and I pretty much never come across one of these that hasn't been taken apart.  And whoever kept this album (one certainly imagines her last name was Schooley, as the last name written carefully under each wreath reads!) took great care with her braiding and her bows. Also found tucked inside is a punch paper embroidery on blue ribbon reading "remember me"--just the right complement I'd say. Photos show each of the pages used,  both fronts and backs.

7 3/4 x 6 3/8 and in very good condition. As evident a few wreaths have been lost, but the ones that remain are in excellent condition, as is the paper and covers. Remember me included.