John Jenkins' Marvelous 1891 Carved Box with Reclining Nude

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Love, love, love this one, loaded with wonderful details--such as not one but two pillows for our Venus (of sorts) to recline upon, though she still does look a bit uncomfortable! Heart, diamond, club and spade too, plus a funny little dome to fill an empty corner, then deeply carved flowers and stems across the top, more ornament on the sides, and the name of its proud maker John Jenkins in capital letters across the back with the year framed in scrolls. To my sensibilities just completely wonderful, I might guess made as a sweetheart gift, though absent a woman's name, perhaps just in longing for one! 

7 1/2” x 3 15/16" d x 3 3/8” t  and in great antique condition, just some minor paint loss to our nude's bare skin. Hinges well attached, open smoothly and lid closes flush.