Early Milton Bradley Froebel "Gift No. 1" Kindergarten Blocks Box (Box Only)

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This is an early Milton Bradley Froebel Kindergarten "Gift No. 1" box--just the box, but I love it for the history it holds, and thought it would make a good one for holding a big lot of pencils or crayons or whatever. The "Gift No. 1" I believe consisted of six knitted balls in rainbow colors without strings and six with strings attached, which served as an introduction to Froebel’s educational toys and were appropriate for children from 1 year, intended to stimulate interaction and help the child to begin to distinguish him of herself from the rest of the world. 

Box measures 11 1/16" x 2 3/4" w x 2 1/4". There is a little loss to one far edge of the slide top box, which does not effect its sliding or tight closure, and some wear to the label.  Otherwise, very good condition and just a nice thing. C. 1900.