Early-Mid 19th C. Wallpapered Domed Trunk with Fantastic Blue and Newspaper Interior

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That blue! My favorite color on the planet, it just makes me swoon, so no way could I resist this trunk. I think the trunk itself—made of poplar I believe—dates to the early 1800s, but I think the wallpaper is mid 19th, because the newspaper lining, I believe added at the same time, shows a date of 1850. (On the back side there are remnants of what appears to be an even earlier wallpaper.) Clearly it’s been around, with the lock removed and plenty of wear, but I find it super beautiful just as it is—and I find old trunks very evocative things--imagine where this has been and all it has held. Amplifying this is the interesting loss just to the face of the newspaper print woman inside at dead center of the domed lid--feels like a story to me! The hinges are in good shape, the lid closes flush and snug, and the latch on front does catch; I carried a trove of finds home inside of it myself, holding it under my arms. 

19 1/2 x 9 3/4 x 10 1/4 t. Structurally sound and sturdy.