Early Hand-colored Six Sided Victorian Picture Puzzle (Missing a Few Blocks)

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There are a few cubes missing from this picture puzzle, and a split in the lid of its original wooden box, but it's an early one, c. 1850s or so I believe, and a lovely one,  and I always love an image of girl with her loyal dog companion! It's a fairly challenging one, too, requiring more than a simple turn of blocks to move from one image to the next, but there is a logic to it all (though I know I've got a few blocks out of place in the photos!) Hand-colored paper litho on wooden blocks, with six different images total, only several of which I've documented in the interest of not giving my whole day over to it! 

Box measures 13 1/8"l " x 8 1/8" w  x 1 3/4". Blocks measure 1 1/16" cubed. Three missing blocks, a split in the lid of the box, and some wear to the paper mostly around the edges.