Early Hand-painted Goofy Tin Coin Bank

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Continuing today's theme of funny little things I couldn't resist, this (dog)house shaped old tin still bank with hand-painted, tongue-wagging Goofy at the door! I couldn't tell you for sure whether the face of Goofy (or perhaps Dippy Dog, as he was known during the first few years of his existence) always lived on the front of this bank or whether he was an addition, but it looks to me that he is glued to a piece of tin that is part of the bank itself and echoes his silhouette, so I think most likely he was always a part of it. I can't find another like it--perhaps it indeed is one of a kind-- and would think it dates to Goofy's early years in the 1930s. There is cloth tape over the opening on the underside via which one could retrieve coins slipped in through the slot in the roof.

3 5/8" l x 3 3/16" w x 3 3/8" t. It looks like Goofy may be missing an ear and there is some paint loss to the front just above him, but overall good condition, sturdy and sound and useful still!