SOLD Early Flame Stitch Embroidery on Linen Fragment in (Lovely) Later Art Nouveau Frame

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I'm always ooh-ing and aah-ing over antique flame stitch embroidery, which one most often sees on embroidered wallets of the 18th century--so beautiful, but invariably way beyond my reach. This patch of flame stitching on linen satisfies the itch, though--I'm guessing done just as a practice sampler of sorts. The linen is nothing for than loose threads in a couple of area and just sort of folded into the frame to stabilize it, but the embroidery itself it in in great shape and wonderfully bold in red and pink and greens. I do believe most likely 18th c. American.

6" x 4" framed. Area of flame stitch: 3" x 4". I purchased this in a cheap new frame where it was housed just to protect it and moved it into this much prettier c. early 20th c. art nouveau frame instead. It could easily be removed but the linen is  fragile.