Early, Beautifully Detailed Carved Out Slide Lid Box

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This is quite an old box, I believe earlyish 19th c. if not older, and quite a wonderful one I think, carved out from one piece of wood, with a great deal of effort invested in decorative carving on the long sides--cross hatching on one and a more complex pattern of chip carving on the other. I love the raised pull end of the slide lid, which looks rather like a pillow at the head of a bed, with a piece of iron stretched over the top looking rather like the top edge of turned down blanket, too! There once was a second strip of iron crossing at the opposite end; only remnants of it now, still nailed to the box, remain. I assume this was made as a candle box, and if not American would guess British, but I'm not an expert. Clearly it was made with great care to be used and to endure, and clearly it was and it has. Subtle in its charms but quite special feeling and to my eye very beautiful.

8 11/16" l x 3" w x 2 3/16" t. Very good antique condition, beautifully aged and worn, with loss as noted to one strip of iron. The lid slides easily and closes tight.