Early Hand-painted Blue and White Presumed Delftware Bowl with Big Fat Staple Repairs

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A flurry of old things in the very best blues and white today, this large bowl among them, which I believe is a piece of either Dutch or English tin-glazed earthenware (faience) and quite an old one, 18th c. I would guess. Beautifully bold hand-painted design on the face with pin-wheel sort of a star at center (which seems very Dutch to me), and of course I especially love it for the extra large staples running across the underside, used to repair its cracks long long ago. I also really love that hand-painted monogram, visible from the side as well as the underside. Terrific presence and rich sense of object-hood, yum.

10 7/16 diameter x 2 3/8 t. Staple repairs as evident, very much to the good, a few surface chips around the rim and one near the center. Very stable and sound.