19th C. American Stereoview Co. Pea Fowl Albumen Stereoview

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I though this 19th c. albumen photo stereoview featuring a peacock and peahen might make a pretty nice valentine, with the pair facing opposite directions but with heads precisely aligned. I like how the staggered stereoview cropping of the images gives each bird its due, too, with the tail feathers of the peacock fully in the frame of the left image, while at right it's the tip of the tail of the hen. And i love how the pile of dried flowers and leaves they stand atop seems all part of the dramatic plummage. 

6 7/8" x 3 3/8" and in very good condition. Produced by the American Stereoscopic Co. with a list of the rest in the series on reverse. Late 19th c. I believe.