Early 20th Century Table Croquet Set

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There are a few different companies that made lovely table croquet sets in the early 20th century very similar to this one, mostly British and French from what I've found, and I believe this one is French. Included here are 4 mallets, 6 balls, 2 posts, and 8 charming little wickets with red painted steel feet, housed in their original box. Ideal for playing on a pool table, this set has many years of use in it yet, though the individual components are so nicely crafted and great looking, I might just put them to decorative use.

The original complete set could either have been for 6 or 8 players, so would have had at least a couple of more mallets, and may have included table clamps and a roll of canvas tape to provide a fence for the game. The striped paint on the handles of the mallets and on the posts is well worn, and there is a splint in one of the balls. The label on the lid of the box has been scraped away and Table Croquet printed in red marker on the box's back side. There is a hook on the front of the box that latches the lid to the box, but the latches on the back are missing (easily replaced with a couple of wire loops) so as of now the lid just rests on top.

Box measures 15 l x 7 1/2 w x 3 3/4" t. Mallets 11 5/8" l; balls 1 1/2" d; wickets 2 1/2" w x 2 3/4" t.